So it’s been almost two years since I started this blog – but is it really a blog if there are no blog posts? Of course, it isn’t.

When I set off on my Asian adventure I pictured myself being able to document every little detail of what I was doing, but once I was on the road I found myself wondering if I was truly taking in what I was seeing or if I was looking at it from the standpoint of a blogger; trying to take pictures of everything, making mental notes of entry fees etc – I quickly realised (almost immediately) that I can only have my first backpacking trip once, and I would be selling myself short had I focussed my energy into this website rather than living in the moment.

I was slightly delusional about how easy it would be to keep writing when Lora (my girlfriend) and I were sleeping in hostels, crammed into small buses, noisy trains etc.

I had also¬†become fixated with perfectionism; the killer of productivity. I have accumulated soooo many half written posts, I just wanted everything to be perfect before putting it online but nothing is perfect, and with that logic, you’ll get nowhere.

As time passed by, it just wasn’t a priority for me anymore and I got lazy with it.

However, I kept paying for my web hosting because I knew there would be a time that I’d like to upload the multitude of pictures I took and write about the amazing things I experienced.

So here I am, for the purposes of public accountability, stating that I will be trying to write at least one post a week. Feel free to send me hate mail if I don’t stick to this!

Creativity is important – I want to become a better photographer/writer and that will never happen if I don’t practice it as much as I can.

So with that being said – stay tuned…