It’s been a whirlwind few days here in Bangalore, I’ve had good moments but I’ve had my fair share of bad ones too. Truth be told I can’t wait to see the back of Bangalore and head to Hampi tomorrow – I’ve quickly realised how much I prefer the more rural areas than the crazy cities here in India and the last two days have been grim as you’ll soon find out.

So how has a memory card reader broken my heart? Well it’s the reason I lost my sunglasses only a few hours ago in a perfect example of The Butterfly Effect. Let me explain:

The Memory Card Reader of Doom

Rewind exactly 1 week ago today and I’m in Dubai International Airport ready to catch my flight to Cochin. I have my DSLR with me but no way of transferring my files from my camera to my laptop, so once checked in I head off to find an electronics store to purchase a cable or reader to enable me to do so. After a few minutes I find a store selling cameras, accessories etc and explain what I’m after, the assistant promptly suggests the memory card reader of doom (it wasn’t called that at the time but that’s definitely it’s name now). So a few minutes and an extortionate £10 later I’m walking off smiling as it was one less thing to worry about. Horrahhhh!

The smile was wiped off of my face once I got to India and tried to transfer my files – this overpriced piece of crap didn’t work. Anti-Horrahhhh!

and so the chain of events begins….

Garuda Mall

The following Friday I left Fort Kochi behind me for Bangalore. Fort Kochi is a very small place in the south west of India and the last place you’ll be able to successfully track own any sort of electronics accessories – Bangalore on the other hand is littered with various shops and malls so I was safe in the knowledge I’d be able to find a (hopefully working) card reader, so the next day we headed to Garuda Mall to try and find one.

I hated every minute of being in this mall, it’s the polar opposite of what I want to be doing whilst travelling but it was a necessary evil so I just had to grin and bear it.

Now unfortunately the only electronics store in the entire mall didn’t have a card reader so I never walked away with one – What I did walk away with however was food poisoning from a horrific meal I ate in this place called Kobe Sizzler (f*ck you Kobe Sizzler).

and on to the next event:

Bangalore Belly

Due to that unspeakable meal I spent the next 32 hours locked inside my hotel room sweating like a pregnant nun. My body seemed very mad at me for putting it through such hurt and made it quite clear that whatever was inside me was not welcome anymore……. Now I’m sure you can imagine what I went through during this difficult time so you don’t need me to explain the gorey details, however I do have the following animated GIF to maybe enlighten those that can’t:

Now booking a train ticket in India is a right pain if you’re not registered with the IRCTC which I currently am not, so the only option was to go to the train station to sort it out – This was simply impossible considering the situation I had found myself in and as we were tight for time we decided it would be a good idea to book an extra night at the hotel and prolong our stay in Bangalore by a day.

and on to the next event:

The Fateful Day

I woke up this morning (the day after being locked in my hotel room) feeling a lot better and not as damaged as I had originally thought I’d be. So we headed out to the train station to buy said tickets.

Fast forward a few hours and we get caught in the middle of a storm. In the midst of a torrential downpour I put my sunglasses in a side pocket of my rucksack and flagged down a rickshaw to take us back to a restaurant near the hotel.20151031_175525

After a very wet and dodgy journey we quickly jumped out of the rickshaw and ran to the restaurant to shelter from the rain – As soon as we found cover I reached to my rucksack to put my shades away properly and come to the awful realisation that they’d fallen out as I was getting out. Nightmare!

These weren’t just any shades, they were prescription sunglasses that cost me £200 and I cherished them. Trying to sort out a worthy replacement whilst here or shipping some over from the UK is going to be a bitch of a task and costly to boot.

When I brought them with me I accepted the fact something may happen to them but not so soon in to the journey, safe to say I am beyond gutted.

The Butterfly Effect

So here we have it the butterfly effect in action – If the memory card reader of doom did in fact work as it was intended I wouldn’t have had to try and track one down whilst in Bangalore, which would mean I wouldn’t have been in the mall to eat the food poisoning inducing meal, which would mean I wouldn’t have had to prolong the stay here by a day, which would mean I wouldn’t have been caught in a storm and left my beloved shades in the back of the rickshaw.

As you can tell I am struggling to accept responsibility for the events of the last few days, so for now I’d just like to say: I hate you memory card reader of doom!!!20151031_214059